Our Terms & Conditions

Your order of the Aillio Bullet R1 and introductory offer of 4 x 1kg of green beans, will be shipped on receipt of full payment via BACS. You will receive an email confirmation to advise receipt of payment and shipping.

As retailers for the Aillio Bullet R1 in the UK, you have a 2 year warranty on your purchase commencing on the date of purchase from mochamondo.co.uk.


Mocha Mondo Coffee Limited uses couriers for delivery of goods and includes insurance for damage in transit. However, if the packaging of your goods is damaged on arrival please do not accept the delivery. Any queries regarding your purchase should be via Mocha Mondo Coffee Limited using the contact form or telephone/email details given on this site. Deliveries typically take 3 working days from receipt of payment but on some occasions can take up to 5 working days. Delivery is UK only and cannot be shipped to (or in the event of a return being required,collected from), any address outside the UK.

Bullet R1 – Terms of Use

By purchasing this roaster, I confirm that:

I understand that I need to read the instructions before operating the roaster

I understand that the Bullet R1 requires regular cleaning and maintenance for safe operation

I understand that negligence / misuse of this roaster cancels the 2-year warranty

I understand that Bullet R1, like any other roaster, may break and require time to repair, and that Aillio will not be held responsible for any financial losses incurred during this downtime if I use Bullet R1 commercially

I understand that a desktop / laptop computer is required to provide firmware updates for Bullet R1 through the RoasTime software, and that these firmware updates are required to maintain the operation of the machine

I understand that if the roaster does not work properly, troubleshooting the Bullet R1 requires a desktop / laptop computer connected to the Internet that also runs the latest version of the RoasTime software

I understand that this machine can start a fire if used incorrectly.

See Returns Policy